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Principle Architect:

Sergio Chinelli
BAS (Wits) | Barch (Wits) | Pr. Arch (SACAP)

Registered with the South African
Council for the Architectural Profession


The Water's Edge “Eenhoring”

The decision was made early on to keep the house single storey and to stretch it out across the site from boundary to boundary. This meant the house could be positioned to allow as many rooms as possible to face the dam. In doing so, the house becomes a viewing platform. The house is divided into two linear horizontal strips pulled out of phase with each other. The street facing strip will be built into the ground using traditional cut and fill methods which will make use of a linear stone retaining wall that cuts through the entire house defining a strong horizontal axis. In contrast, the dam facing strip, being the viewing strip, will be elevated over the natural slope of the land on a series of delicate steel columns, allowing the house to follow the contours of the site without the need for many internal steps.

Nature of Project: New Residence
Location: Sable Hills Estate, Kameelfontein, Pretoria East
Size of residence: 450m2