Jo’burg Heritage House Revival


Jo’burg Heritage House Revival
This is a heritage project recently completed in the old Johannesburg suburb of Saxonwold in Rosebank. Our aim was to remove years and years of badly conceived additions and alterations and replace them with new meaningful architecture that stood true to the original architects intentions. The house dates back to 1927. See original building plans and original city of JHB submission forms below:



We stayed true to the materials and techniques adopted back in the day by preserving the original architectural features such as the vast number of fireplaces etc. We used reclaimed materials to make the new additions feel more authentic and more lived in. The project was protected by local heritage laws meaning we had to prepare an application on our client’s behalf motivating why our additions would enhance the original architecture and not remove from it. Part of the application involved finding out who the original owners were back in 1927 as well as all subsequent owners thereafter.

Tip. Any building older than 60 years of age is subject to heritage approval. We have vast experience with heritage work and can assist you with your heritage project…

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