Dainfern Metamorphosis

This blog aims to follow the metamorphosis of a dated existing house in Dainfern Estate into a modern contemporary architectural splendour. Follow us on this exciting journey as you follow Sergio Chinelli Architect’s visual build diary from before to after.

Architect’s Final Design Proposal ….”AFTER”


Photos of the Existing House… “BEFORE”



The Demolition work begins… The decorative corbelling details along the edge of the building have been removed.

The decorative gable walls have been removed.

The existing porch has been completely removed.

The interior is stripped and large excavations are made to expose the existing foundations for the engineer to inspect.

The existing concrete slab is supported using props in order to allow the existing decorative beams and columns to be removed to make way for the new open plan spatial arrangement.



Concrete downstand beams are removed. Steel I-beams are inserted to replace the support for the existing slab. This allows us to open up the space completely with no structural limitations in our way.



Concrete ribbed beams are exposed for the first time…


The new concrete slab over the new covered terrace floats effortlessly over the ribbed concrete columns and beams


New brickwork columns are constructed which starts to transform the once flat facade of the existing house





Watch this space for more exciting developments…


by SergioChinelli